1. On day one of my Premiership I would order an immediate ramping up of No Deal preparations. All government departments will be expected to act on the basis that we are leaving without a deal on October 31st. All August leave will be cancelled unless I receive a signed letter from the relevant Permanent Secretary saying that preparations in his or her department are on time and on track.

2. A ‘No Deal’ Cabinet Task Force, with similar powers to COBRA, will be set up and chaired by me. It will have three objectives:

a. Firstly, to follow up any areas where government preparations are insufficient.

b. Secondly to agree and publish financial support for industries affected by tariff changes.

c. Thirdly to approve infrastructure changes included those that may not be completed by 31 October, such as the expansion of container capacity, changes which are none the less important and should be started immediately,.

3. A new political negotiating team will be convened with members of the ERG, the DUP, members of the One Nation Group and Welsh and Scottish Conservatives. It will be led by the Brexit Secretary and supported at an official level by Crawford Falconer. He will be supported by top experts from around the world. They will be tasked with producing an alternative exit deal, based on the alternative arrangements proposals, that can command a majority in the House of Commons and addresses, seriously and forensically, legitimate EU and Irish concerns about the Irish border and the integrity of the single market. This plan will be published by the end of August.

4. In order to avoid a ‘take it or leave it’ approach which would be fatal to negotiations I and the Brexit Secretary will engage with European leaders and the European Commission during July and August to do our very best to come to a decision going forward.

5. I will also establish a National Logistics Committee led by the Department for Transport to produce a plan to keep goods flowing in and out of the UK in the event of No Deal. This will include an assessment of any emergency powers required to ensure ports and airports will work in a coordinated way nationally.

6. The Treasury will start preparations on a No Deal Brexit Budget to be delivered in the first week parliament is back in September. This will include my existing policies of cutting corporation tax cut to 12.5%, increasing the annual allowance to £5m, and taking 90% of high street businesses out of rates, which I will introduce in any circumstance.

7. HMT will also produce a ‘No Deal Relief Programme’. This will include a £6bn fund for the fishing and farming sectors who export to Europe to ease transition out of the European Union whilst honouring our international obligations. It will also consider what relief other industries will require.

8. We will pursue the government’s existing approach to tariffs, balancing the benefits of liberalisation for consumers with appropriate exceptions to safeguard vulnerable industries and protect the prosperity and wellbeing of communities across every part of the UK.

9. I will provide the necessary finance to support the development of customs solutions which can help deliver our cast iron guarantee that we will never put up a hard border.

10. I will make a judgement on 30th September as to whether there is a realistic chance of a new deal being agreed that can pass the House of Commons.

a. If my judgement - and the judgement of my cabinet - is that there is a deal to be done I will seek to conclude the negotiations and pass a new meaningful vote and any necessary legislation in the House of Commons before the end of October.

b. If my judgement is that there is no deal to be done I will immediately cease all discussions with the European Union and focus the whole country’s attention on no deal preparations.

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