Why I’m backing Jeremy Hunt over Boris Johnson – Miles Briggs MSP

A Scotland embedded in the Union is safe in the competent and capable hands of the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, says Miles Briggs.

As Shadow Health ­Secretary for the Scottish Conservatives, I see every single day how difficult it must be to oversee our NHS. I speak to patients and families who are struggling to receive diagnosis and treatment on time and medical professionals who are doing their best in difficult circumstances to provide an extraordinary level of care.

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Miles Briggs MSP
With so much at stake, only one of the Tory contenders has what it takes

Which one can best get us out of this spectacular mess?

If you are a former leader of the Conservative Party and have known both of today’s leadership candidates for about 30 years, how do you decide who to vote for? Before the ballot papers drop though our letter boxes from the end of this week, I have to make that decision, just like the other party members throughout the country.

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William Hague
Dan Dalton: Brexit Briefing

I started this campaign as a Boris Johnson supporter, and he has many qualities, but having worked in Brussels throughout the Brexit negotiations, I just do not see how his strategy can work, whereas Jeremy Hunt’s might.

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Dan Dalton