People across our party and country, leavers and remainers, are backing Jeremy Hunt to unite us.

My name will be on Jeremy Hunt’s nomination papers today. I believe he has the experience, values and plan.
— Penny Mordaunt MP

Thank you Jeremy Hunt for caring when many did not. Thank you for being kind when many were not. It meant so much to me and my family. Thank you for giving me ongoing hope through some very sad days. #midstaffs
— Deb Hazeldine MBE

Jeremy has the temperament, the personality and the international reputation to take charge at this time.
— Steve Brine MP

Jeremy Hunt is the only candidate who has the experience and ability to square this circle, unite the party, and take the fight to Jeremy Corbyn
— Robert Goodwill MP

I have worked with him in two key departments of state, and know his diligence and determination. His ideas for a future for all in the U.K., and his effective relationship building as Foreign Sec, vital now, gives me confidence for our country’s success.
— Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP

To break Brexit deadlock we need to change the deal with EU esp the backstop. Peace in NI is vital - EU leaders will not budge if next PM goes in all “hard cop”. New leader must have competence & credibility on international stage. I’ve worked with @Jeremy_Hunt. He has my vote.
— Vicky Ford MP

Delighted to support @Jeremy_Hunt campaign for PM. As a fellow entrepreneur, having seen him first hand working together, I know Jeremy has the grit that comes from a background creating jobs, doing deals and inspiring change. The right choice to #UniteToWin
— Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP

We need someone who is both a pragmatist and a leader. We need someone who is inclusive and seeks out the best opportunities using the best talent. We need someone with a proven track record of delivering a complex project.
— Mark Garnier MP

I’m backing @Jeremy_Hunt for PM. I’ve had the privilege to be his PPS both when he was our longest serving Health Secretary, and as a Foreign Secretary who has had real impact, e.g. brokering moves to peace in Yemen. With genuine business experience & proven calibre
— James Cartlidge MP

In the 10 years that have passed since Joshua’s death, @Jeremy_Hunt has shown my family & I incredible kindness & compassion & a remarkable determination to drive the patient safety agenda forward that’s made/continues to make a huge difference. 🙏
— James Titcombe, patient safety advocate

I cannot think of a better prime minister than Jeremy Hunt... someone with the skill, diplomacy and tact to negotiate our departure... and a vision beyond that
— Greg Hands MP

These are serious times. They require a serious leader.
— Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP

I’ll be backing Jeremy Hunt... deal making is part of his DNA
— Rt Hon Liam Fox MP

Meeting local pharmacy team at Howells & Harrison in SOuthend .jpg
I’m backing @Jeremy_Hunt to be our next Prime Minister.
There’s no doubt he has the drive to deliver a Brexit that works for Scotland and all of the United Kingdom.
And he has a plan to revolutionise our economy with tax cuts to boost investment/jobs.
— John Lamont MP

Me, Greg Hands and Liam Fox, thats three current and former trade ministers backing Jeremy Hunt to lead a global Britain
— Mark Garnier MP

Jeremy Hunt’s desire to attract investment to the UK is shown by his pledge to cut corporation tax. More job opportunities. UK open for business.
— Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP

Huge fan of the pledge to cut corporation tax down to Irish levels, the lowest in the OECD. This is why I am supporting Jeremy Hunt who has the ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit our country needs.
— David Morris MP

I’m backing @Jeremy_Hunt for leadership. Brexit needs proven negotiating & Ministerial experience on the world stage. Both the party & country need unifying, positive & bold plans to harness the opportunities of Brexit for all our communities. #HastobeHunt
— Nusrat Ghani MP

Backing @Jeremy_Hunt for Leader and Prime Minister. Tough, persuasive, team builder. #GoJeremy
— Sir Oliver Heald MP